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Red Dragon Fruit
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We are the grower as well as the producer of tropical fruits and tropical fruit products in Malaysia
We are the grower as well as the producer of tropical fruits and tropical fruit products in Malaysia
WHY you should be interested in RED DRAGON FRUIT
Red Dragon Fruit

Red dragon fruit (Hylocereus.undatus (Haw)) is a climbing vine cactus species which has received worldwide recognition as an ornamental plant and then as a fruit crop.

Dragon Fruit is known by a variety of common names that vary from country to country.

Chinese -火龍果/火龙果 (huǒ lóng guǒ)) or 龍珠果/龙珠果 ((lóng zhū guǒ))
Spanish - pitaya or pitahaya
Vietnamese - thanh long (blue dragon)
Indonesian/Malay - Buah Naga
Vernacular name - Strawberry pear

Red Dragon Fruit is native to Mexico, Central America and South America. Currently they are cultivated in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh. They can be found in southern China, Taiwan, Australia, Israel, Hawaii and Okinawa.

The red dragon fruit is a spectacular nigh flowering cactus. The flower will wilt by the morning. If red dragon fruit flowers are not pollinated during the night, they will remain open until the next morning. The flower of this cacti plant is referred to moonflower or Queen of the Night. They rely on nocturnal creatures such as bats or moths for pollination. Self-pollination will not produce fruit. In some countries, bees can effectively pollinate the dragon fruit during the early hours of morning.

The flesh of red dragon fruit is sweet, juicy and crisp. It is remarkably refreshing and its flavor has hints of pear, kiwi and melon. The fruit is round with a vivid skin color ranging from hot-pink to red. The flesh is purple-red and contains small, edible black seeds like the kiwi.

Fresh Red Dragon Fruit can be chilled and sliced or scooped with a spoon. It is widely used in fruit salads at restaurants. Red Dragon Fruit pulp can be processed into a range of industrial products such as juice, ice-cream, jam, syrup, wine, yogurt, jelly, preserve, candy and pastries. Processed products can be produced from fresh fruit pulp or frozen pulp.

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Health Benefits

It is rich in Vitamin B1 which plays an important role in the production of energy as well as metabolizing carbohydrates.

It is rich in Vitamin B2 which can help to recover and improve loss of appetite.

It is loaded with Vitamin B3 which will help to lower bad cholesterol level and enhance the appearance of the skin by moisturizing and smoothing the skin surface.
It is packed with Vitamin C to improve the healing of bruises and cuts and help to strengthen our immune system.
The Carotene will help to improve our eye sides.
The Proteins will enhance metabolism of the body.
It is rich in Calcium which will reinforce bones and help in the formation of healthy teeth.
The Phosphorus content will also help in tissue formation.

It will help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes.

Nutrition Benefits

It is said to help excrete heavy metal toxins from the body due to the high water soluble fiber content.

The high fiber content will help to lower the cholesterol and blood pressure.

It is also known to be a natural laxative to ease constipation due to the high amount of seeds and water soluble fiber.

It is loaded with antioxidants due to the red pigment C - Carotene which can help to prevent the formation of dangerous free radicals in human body which can cause cancer.

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